LDEQ’s Proposed Rule for Regulatory Permits for Concrete Manufacturing Facilities

LDEQ recently published Proposed Rule AQ299, ‘Regulatory Permits for Concrete Manufacturing Facilities.’ The proposed rule for concrete manufacturing facilities is the fifth regulatory permit proposed for air emission sources.

Regulatory Permitting

To put this proposal in context, the LDEQ was authorized in 2006 to develop regulatory permits. Acts 2006, No. 115. The Legislature authorized these types of permits for certain air emissions and water discharges.

LDEQ published rules governing the issuance of regulatory permits for air emissions. LAC 33:III.Chapter 3. To-date, LDEQ has issued regulatory permits for oil and gas well testing (§III.307), releases of natural gas from pipelines (§III.309), emergency engines (§III.311), and portable air curtain incinerators (§III.313). In each case, LDEQ has published a three to four page notification form (the ‘application’) for coverage under the RP provision. Continue reading “LDEQ’s Proposed Rule for Regulatory Permits for Concrete Manufacturing Facilities”

LDEQ Initiative Provides New E & P Waste Disposal Option

Oil and gas drilling activity produces many benefits for the state. However, it also produces waste materials that must be properly handled. Recently, LDEQ provided generators with what could become a cost-effective and environmentally protective disposal option.

Traditionally, the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (LDNR) provided two options for the disposal of Nonhazardous Oilfield Waste (NOW), or Exploration and Production Waste (E&P Waste). Waste Type 2 (oil-based drilling wastes) and Waste Type 3 (water-based drilling wastes) are created during the drilling process. LDNR allows on-site disposal of these wastes, under certain strict conditions. However, if the criteria are not met, the E&P Wastes must be moved off-site to an LDNR-permitted commercial facility. Waste Type 16 (crude oil spill clean-up waste) can be generated both on-site and off-site due to leaks or spills from storage tanks, pipelines, transport vessels, or transfer procedures. Waste Type 15 is E&P Waste from a LDNR-permitted commercial facility. Continue reading “LDEQ Initiative Provides New E & P Waste Disposal Option”