EPA Opens an Absurd Front in the War on Coal

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy once declared that she “didn’t go to Washington to sit around and wait for Congressional action. Never done that before, and don’t plan to in the future.” May 1, 2010, quoted in CNS News, March 4, 2013. EPA’s recently proposed rule on ‘carbon pollution’ from new coal-fired power plants is a perfect example of this mind-set and her seemingly fervent belief that “greenhouse gas pollution, through its contribution to global climate change, presents a significant threat to Americans’ health and to the environment upon which our economy and security depends.” Testimony U.S. House of Representatives, June 29, 2012.

On September 20, 2013, EPA issued proposed uniform national limits on the amount of ‘carbon pollution,’ (i.e., carbon dioxide) that future power plants will be allowed to emit. The proposed rule comes at a time when there has been a documented pause in ‘global warming’ over the last 16 years and a growing consensus that the climate models predicting dire results from carbon emissions grossly overstated the risks. Nevertheless, Ms. McCarthy’s EPA is opening new fronts in the war on coal. Continue reading “EPA Opens an Absurd Front in the War on Coal”