A Lack of Due Diligence Can Lead to High Penalties in Louisiana

Oil and gas production facilities and associated tank batteries are routinely bought and sold in Louisiana without proper due diligence. In other words, they are purchased without checking the full regulatory status of the facilities. This ignorance has led to high penalties. Continue reading “A Lack of Due Diligence Can Lead to High Penalties in Louisiana”

Regulation of Oil and Gas Activities in Texas, Louisiana

Oil and gas E&P operations are regulated by a variety of agencies in varying degrees and forms. Jurisdictional lines overlap and are sometimes blurred to a point where it is increasingly difficult for operators to understand which agency is regulating which activity. Adding to the confusion, operators from one state may conduct regulated activities in another but not fully understand the applicable regulatory regime. The information in this article, although certainly not definitive, may shed some light on the regulation of waste and air emissions. Continue reading “Regulation of Oil and Gas Activities in Texas, Louisiana”

LDEQ Initiative Provides New E & P Waste Disposal Option

Oil and gas drilling activity produces many benefits for the state. However, it also produces waste materials that must be properly handled. Recently, LDEQ provided generators with what could become a cost-effective and environmentally protective disposal option.

Traditionally, the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (LDNR) provided two options for the disposal of Nonhazardous Oilfield Waste (NOW), or Exploration and Production Waste (E&P Waste). Waste Type 2 (oil-based drilling wastes) and Waste Type 3 (water-based drilling wastes) are created during the drilling process. LDNR allows on-site disposal of these wastes, under certain strict conditions. However, if the criteria are not met, the E&P Wastes must be moved off-site to an LDNR-permitted commercial facility. Waste Type 16 (crude oil spill clean-up waste) can be generated both on-site and off-site due to leaks or spills from storage tanks, pipelines, transport vessels, or transfer procedures. Waste Type 15 is E&P Waste from a LDNR-permitted commercial facility. Continue reading “LDEQ Initiative Provides New E & P Waste Disposal Option”