Is It Time to Lift the Oil Export Ban?

The export of crude oil was largely banned in reaction to the 1973 Arab oil embargo. Now, momentum seems to be in favor of reversing the ban. Many argue that doing so will substantially enhance the U.S. economy by increasing domestic production, creating jobs, and reducing consumer fuel prices. Continue reading “Is It Time to Lift the Oil Export Ban?”

An Exploration of EPA’s Cost-Benefit And Regulatory Impact Analyses

Environmental regulation has become pervasive over the last several decades. Great strides have been made, leading to visible and tangible reductions in emissions and discharges and ultimately cleaner air and water. In recent years, though, emission reductions have become more difficult to obtain and more costly on a per ton basis, leading many to believe that the installation of additional controls or the imposition of additional regulatory requirements will achieve only incremental reductions in emissions and discharges. As such, their costs cannot be justified when balanced against an ever decreasing amount of benefits. Continue reading “An Exploration of EPA’s Cost-Benefit And Regulatory Impact Analyses”