Construction Best Management Practices

The construction of large and small infrastructure and capital projects has increased significantly over the last several years. Roads and bridges are being constructed or expanded and many industrial facilities, especially in the Gulf South, are breaking ground to build large complexes or expand existing ones. Obviously, this activity will expose sediments within the construction area and may, during rainfall events, create storm water run-off laden with those sediments. These pollutants can cause problems in nearby streams, lakes and bayous.

Best management practices applicable to construction activities, including clearing, grading and excavation, have been established over the years. The practices apply to construction in areas over five acres and, in some cases, to areas less than five acres. Although they have been in place for several years, it is best to review these practices from time to time to ensure compliance with existing rules and minimize any impact to the environment surrounding the construction site. Continue reading “Construction Best Management Practices”