What Can the BSW Environmental Group do for the Maritime Industry?

Most commercial and industrial businesses are subject to various degrees of environmental regulation and the Maritime industry is no exception.

The BSW Environmental Section can provide specific assistance to:

  • Determine compliance with Coast Guard regulations
  • Identify the need for specific regulatory plans, such as the
    • Operations Manual
    • Response Plan
  • Determine applicability of Vessel General Permit
  • Spill response coordination and interaction with regulatory agencies

Experience shows that it is far more efficient to achieve and maintain compliance with applicable environmental rules prior to an inspection by a regulatory agency. Ignoring the need for a permit or compliance with the rules could subject the business to large and unnecessary penalties and costs. The BSW Environmental Section can:

  • Determine the compliance status of the company
    • Identify non-compliance or the need for a permit
    • Suggest corrective action for regulatory deficiencies
    • Address issues, as necessary, with appropriate regulatory agency
    • Defend enforcement actions issued by a regulatory agency
  • Negotiate settlements of penalty actions
  • Assist in the permit process
    • Prepare the Environmental Assessment Statement
    • Guide company efforts in the public hearing process
    • Prepare comments in support of permit
    • Respond to public comments
  • Provide appropriate environmental consultants to handle technical issues.

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