Construction Sites – EPA Proposes Tightened Storm Water Standards

Construction Sites – EPA Proposes Tightened Storm Water Standards

The EPA has been proposing tighter regulation of storm water discharges from construction sites. In the rule proposed on November 28, 2008, EPA establishes minimum requirements that will apply nationally. 73 Fed. Reg. 72562 – 72614 (Nov. 28, 2008).

All construction sites will be required to implement a range of erosion and sediment control best management practices (BMPs) to reduce pollutants in storm water discharges. Erosion controls are considered effective when bare soil is uniformly and evenly covered with vegetation or other suitable materials, storm water is controlled so that rills and gullies are not visible, sediment is not visible in runoff from these areas, and channels and streambanks are not eroding. Effective sediment controls include a variety of practices that are designed to remove sediment within the range of particle sizes expected to be present on the site. The proposed rule provides minimum standards that must be achieved through use of BMPs. Continue reading “Construction Sites – EPA Proposes Tightened Storm Water Standards”