Environmental Issues Facing Auto Dealers

Automotive dealerships face numerous challenges in the current economic climate.An ongoing challenge, in good times and bad, is ensuring that environmental liability and the associated costs are minimized as much as possible so that capital is are not needlessly expended.The risk of liability may be minimized by taking several pro-active steps.

Limiting Liability for Past Contamination

It should not come as a surprise that the owner of an automotive dealership will be held liable for spills and releases of spent solvents, used oil, gasoline, or other pollutants or contaminants into soil, surface water, or groundwater that occur when the owner is in control of the property.Compliance with the regulations and good housekeeping, discussed in greater detail below, may limit the risk of these spills or releases.Unfortunately, however, environmental practices or controls were not as stringent in the past as they are today.Spills and releases of pollutants that occurred many years ago continue to persist today in soil and groundwater at or under the property. Continue reading “Environmental Issues Facing Auto Dealers”